My paddle has been found Woohoo!!!


unfortunately I believe I left my paddle at the Onset court on Thursday night 7/18 . Please keep an eye out for a purple Selkirk with pink tape on the edges. There were some vacationers playing that night and they may have picked it up by accident. Text Ann 508-566-5965 if found. Thanks.

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Hey I might come home soon and visit. Is there going to be that singles tourney this summer or any other pb events at onset?

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Hey, Mike! If you’re talking 50/50 singles (winner takes 50% of the pot), I think we can probably scrounge up seven other singles players. When you getting back?

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I’m in for singles 50/50!!


Dan, it is possible it's not our group there are a few vacationers using the courts, Either way maybe a sign could be posted stating the hours of pickleball play. Hope this helps.

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Zappa and I are at the courts most mornings at 7am and we have never seen any players on the courts when we get there. I do think that Ann’s suggestion regarding court hours is a great idea.

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Since the barrel trash program started in Onset I have been putting the barrels out Sunday nights or Monday morning. Many of the players have picked up trash trying to keep the place tidy . When we first started playing there it was a dump . Either way I'm fine with the no play before 7 sign.

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Hi gang, a word of caution…

Our Town Administrator, Mr. Derek Sullivan, alerted me this morning to a pickleball noise complaint from a neighbor in the vicinity of Hammond School courts.

According to the complaint, pickleball play as early as 6:15am was a concern.

Mr. Sullivan showed me the applicable town noise ordinance that prohibits excessive noise before 7am and after 11pm. I won’t quote the ordinance here, but you can read it in the town by-laws/ordinances at DIVISION III ARTICLE II ANTI-NOISE REGULATION Section 1.

Mr. Sullivan has been very supportive of our pickleball community. He expressed his desire that we avoid going down the road travelled in Falmouth and Brookline where pickleball noise became a contentious issue for neighbors and led to court closures, restricted hours.

I asked Mr. Sullivan to extend our apology to the affected neighbor.

In order to be good sports, good neighbors, and avoid risk to court availability in Onset, please abide by our town noise ordinance and refrain from play before 7am.

Dan Butler


Very reasonable ask


Thanks for the alert Dan. Very well put and good to know.