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Hi gang!
Well, if you’re a pickleball druid, like me, you’re excited to be this side of the vernal equinox. I’m going to celebrate at noon today on the Onset courts with the Fighting Frinks!

The indoor spring round robin for advanced players Saturday April 15th is full! What a lineup! Buzzsaw! (defending Gold Medalist), Velocity Velozo! (defending Silver Medalist!), Lee “The Good Looking One” McCaffrey, (defending Bronze Medalist), Mountain McCaffrey, (defending Men’s Silver Medalist), Guns LeComte (defending Men’s Bronze Medalist), Doc! Mark “Rope a Dope” Robidoux, Dennis “Lobster” and “Lady Di” Paquette, the list goes on and on! It’s gonna be a dinkfest!

The Beginners Tournament had only six intrepid newbies at press time. If you know a new player ready for a fun introduction to tournament play, direct them to this Saturday April 8th tournament and sign up at the YMCA Welcome Center.

Looking forward to seeing you all out again on the courts in the sun!


Good news! Marion's Community Preservation Committee has just recommended that 4 pickleball courts be built on the little used tennis court on Point Road. Has to pass town meeting in May and then be built. It will be overseen by Marion's Recreation Department.


Caught up with too much other stuff such as walking the dog and a surfeit of town committee meetings. Working on getting back in the swing of things.

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Hi Anne busy moving my daughter to Florida and of course I stayed a good minute played pickleball there once but I'm back & gonna try to make it tomorrow morning 🌴

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Irish Dave is spreading rumors - there may be no PB tonight at Y??

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I got proof, man.


I was playing yesterday and it was posted that there is no pickleball at the Y today, 3/16.


When we left Tuesday night Lou and Richie confirmed there will be pickleball Thursday night.

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Thanks Danny ..


Too bad this is during the day and not a evening or weekend. Thanks for sending this out.